Credit Programs

Explore multiple career options in advanced technology and specialize in structural composites, quality inspection, or computer numeric control. This certificate prepares students for high-demand careers in aerospace, marine, automotive, and more.

These courses are offered year-round at our state-of-the art facility, simulated workspace in Rochester, NH.

Computer Numeric Control (CNC)

The CNC program prepares students for jobs as computer- controlled milling machine operators for metal and plastics. Students are prepared for entry level jobs as CNC operators and quality inspectors.


The welding program provides graduates with the entry level and intermediate skills levels to obtain employment in the field of welding. Upon graduation, students may be proficient in the use of welding equipment, set up and operation for the 5 major processes of: MIG, TIG, Stick, Oxy-fuel, and Plasma as well as auxiliary processes including F-CAW, Aluminum TIG, and Spool guns.

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